Voluntary Labour Corps

Voluntary Labour Corps is a state budget unit which carries out state's tasks for the benefit of young people over 15 and the unemployed up to 25 as regards employment and counteracting marginalisation and social exclusion of the youth, as well as tasks as regards their education and upbringing.

The main goal of the VLC activity is to create appropriate conditions for the youth's social and professional development through active building of support system for the weakest groups, through organising and supporting forms of fighting poverty, unemployment and social pathology. 

The main tasks of VLC:
  • counteracting social maladjustment
  • general knowledge and vocational teaching
  • education
  • preparation for active presence on the labour market
  • labour exchange
  • vocational guidance
  • international cooperation and youth exchange

Voluntary Labour Corps guarantee their participants proper conditions to continue general and vocational education. They prepare and carry out preventive, educational and resocialization programmes for young people prone to demoralization who commit offences, and they also conduct complex tutelary and educational activities.

VLC mainly take care of the youth coming from unemployment environments, educationally disadvantaged families, likely to drop out of educational system, who stay in training and education centres, environmental labour corps or corps. The poorest participants receive free accommodation in boarding-schools and full board.

VLC participants attend gymnasium or basic vocational school, whereas vocational preparation takes place as a learning of a given profession or as a training for a specific type of work. The VLC youth in the Lubuskie Voivodship puts a vocational preparation in practice in 173 working places, gaining knowledge in 30 professions in accord with a demand of the local labour market. 

VLC carry out undertakings included in the State Programme for Preventing Social Maladjustment and Crime among Children and the Youth, among others “Safe track” packet. Within its confines function environmental common rooms, centres of prevention and social intervention, crisis intervention centres. These posts are of great use for the youth coming from local environments. The activities conducted within the confines of the Programme improve the youth’s social active behaviour as well as support them in becoming independent and in gaining vocational education in the area that meets the demands of the labour market. Every year many other events take place which promote cultural, sports, sight-seeing and tourist activity of VLC participants.

VLC provide basic services of the labour market: labour exchange, vocational guidance and information, organization of trainings. The recipients of this offer are young people at the age between 15 and 25 – pupils, university students, graduates of post-gymnasium schools and higher education schools; the youth that are unemployed or likely to become unemployed. 

- The Youth Employment Agencies search and gather job offers concerning permanent and short-term work, give advice as regards opportunities to obtain a profession, send for vocational trainings. YEA offer employment in our country as well as abroad. 
- Mobile Vocational Information Centres provide services as regards vocational guidance and information. Their employees run group classes and provide individual advice. The activity is mainly meant for people coming from small towns and communes in the countryside;
- Work clubs organize workshops of active job search. Work Clubs support the young unemployed people shaping resourcefulness and self-confidence in them and they prevent intellectual deterioration;- Youth Career Centres offer the youth assistance in taking up important vocational decisions, particularly with respect to aspects of enterprise; 
- Vocational Training Centres organize vocational trainings and courses improving gualifications or retraining the unemployed in the professions and specialisations that are looked for on the local labour market.

For many years Voluntary Labour Corps have been carrying out programmes concerning vocational activation of young people. Within the confines of the programmes, they have been organizing trainings concerning running economic activity, planning professional career, and also trainings of active presence on the labour market and vocational courses for the youth. 

The VLC scope of duty includes refunding remunerations of juvenile employees from the Labour Fund. VLC is one and only institution on the labour market which receives applications concerning the conclusion of agreements on refund

Since the day of inclusion of Poland into the European Union, Voluntary Labour Corps – as one of the first Polish institutions – have begun the realization of projects co-financed by ESF within the confines of the Sector Operational Programme- Human Resources Development 2004-2006. 

In years 2007-2013, in accord with the records made by the Operational Programme – Human Capital, VLC are still the main projects provider as regards the performance of services for the benefit of the youth prone to marginalization and social exclusion. 

We have carried out the 3rd edition- project “Your knowledge – Your success”. Its main goal was social and vocational activation of the youth prone to social exclusion through their return to educational system, gaining a profession and becoming independent. The youth took part in vocational trainings; educational workshops and active job search, business classes; psychological and therapeutic trainings; foreign language and computer courses. Over 800 beneficiaries from the Lubuskie Voivodship participated in the project.

Within the confines of the Sector Operational Programme- Human Resources Development, VLC also carried out other projects: „Opportunity 18-24 A way to independence”, „18-24 – High time to become independent”, “Individual Career Project – Portfolio for the Youth”, whereas within the confines of the Integrated Operational Programme for Regional Development the project “Your knowledge and skills as the key to success”. Thanks to these activities projects participants have an easier beginning both in personal and professional life.

Programmes for international youth exchange carried out by VLC are undertakings of social and cultural, as well as educational nature and they also have a character of vocational practice They enable young people from various countries to have a direct contact with one another, get rid of cultural and language barriers, fight stereotypes and form self-conscious civil attitudes. They give them a perfect opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures, and also to promote knowledge about their own country.

Voluntary Labour Corps win financial means for the realization of their programmes not only from the European Union, but also from the Programme “Youth in action” of the Polish-German Cooperation of the Youth